JUN International Preschool
English Language Childcare and Education for Infants, Preschool, Kindergarten & Elementary School Children

English child-raring facility for children aged 1 and over. We are a Tokyo Child-care facility, Ninkagai Hoikushisetsu.
With the aim of naturally and steadily improving English skills over time, children are taught daily life skills through an immersive, ‘All-English’ approach set in a small, at-home environment.

Kindergarten & Elementary Classes available.

Indigo Study Square
Education for Children With Developmental Learning Disorders and Counseling Support for Parents and TeachersRehabilitation and learning support based on developmental coordination disorder etc for gifted and gray zone children or children with learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder or ADHD.

Official consignment business for Suginami ward’s school age development support program.

Grow More English Salon
English Conversation Class & English Instructor Training

Personalized English coaching for school students and adults to meet each learner’s individual needs.

Classes include; private lessons, group lessons, seminars for English teachers & business trip preparation lessons.