Our Vision

How will society evolve as the children of today and the children still yet to be born grow and become adults?

With the number of international travelers and immigrants coming to Japan steadily rising as the world continues to globalize, the children growing up in this environment will no doubt play an active role in various places around the world as they too become adults.

At Alder International we provide English learning and special needs education to our students by understanding and accepting that each and every individual is unique, and that there are many different cultures, languages and ideals out there in the world.

We aim to support and foster the next generation of youth who will play an active role within the growing diversity of Japan and the rest of the world.


Greetings from the Representative Director

It all began In 1998 when I started JUN International Preschool in my own home. I wanted to make a relaxed, at-home environment for children to learn English in a natural way. After that, in 2000 I began working around elementary schools, junior high schools and special education schools as a consultant and clinical psychologist for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Based on my experiences and achievements across the past 20 years I have now established my own facility for providing childcare education and developmental disorder learning support for both Japanese and international children living here in Japan.

Keeping our student’s peace of mind at heart and meeting each of their individual requirements and needs is the key to our motivation here at Alder International.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Representative Director: Miyako Hangai